Growth & Comfort

“Growth & comfort cannot co-exist”

I heard these words on Sunday night, sitting on the floor of a crowded room above Ye Olde Waffle Shop.

I was at my last Young Life leadership of college. This day was dedicated to seniors sharing small pieces of advice to the younger leaders. As I looked across the room, I saw faces that I’ve come to know the past four years. Some people have become my best friends, others I barely know but are still connected to through the ministry we’re passionate about.

Some of the words shared brought me to tears, others made me laughing thinking about the journey that leading WyldLife has been.

As I have written about throughout my blog, college has been an incredible journey that has pushed me into uncomfortable places.

It has been hard and I’ve often felt that I was just trying to get to the next thing – desperately searching for a place that felt normal and good.

The sneaky thing about comfort is that it feels good — it feels right to be thriving in different aspects of your life. However, this can eventually lead to a rut – whether it be in work, school or your personal life. Apathy is a slippery slope.

The hard work is always worth it.

As I enter the next chapter of my life, I strive to always be reminded of these words in my work, faith and relationships!




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