Full Circle

Hello to my old subscribers and (hopefully) new readers!

I’m well aware it’s been over a year since I’ve written anything on my trusty blog, but a course I’m taking this semester called The Branding of Me requires a blogging portion. So I’m back and truly thrilled to share some thoughts with a new twist (I’ll get to that later).

Many, many things have changed since my last post in July of 2015. I am now in my last semester at UNC-Chapel Hill, and the questions I was pondering in my first couple posts have become very real as I am currently exploring career options and plans for post-grad life.

Since returning from my summer abroad I haven’t left U.S. soil, but nonetheless the last year and a half has been filled with great adventures and challenges. I have continued to grow as a person, discovering new passions through academics and internships, leading WyldLife in Chapel Hill and investing in my community and friendships.

One of these challenges has been exploring what I am passionate about and discovering how those passions align with the professional world. This past summer I had the opportunity to intern with Bank of America in Charlotte, working in their Global Technology and Operations line of business…a.k.a. I worked on a variety of projects from internal communication plans to collaborating with interns throughout the country on a mobile banking project. This experience allowed me to literally become a part of the company for a summer, giving me a taste of the corporate world.

I loved it.

I loved working in a professional structured environment. I enjoyed seeing projects through, learning about the ins and outs of corporate communication, jumping in with mastering cybersecurity and technology lingo, etc. However, the most profound thing I learned the past summer was the importance of people- knowing them, caring for them and taking the extra minute a day to put in effort to nurture those relationships.

Let me explain myself…as a millennial I have grown up in the digital era. I used laptops in school, I had a smartphone by the time I was in high school, I use many forms of social media…the list goes on. Today, as a journalism student we frequently discuss the HUGE changes that technology has brought, and will continue to bring to our world. Self-driving cars are here, artificial intelligence (AI), open access, cameras everywhere, etc. Throughout my mere twenty-two years, I have seen firsthand the amazing opportunities that technology has brought, from crowdfunding wonderful projects, connecting isolated parts of the world and providing millions of people opportunities that were unheard of a decade ago. However, I have also witnessed what I consider to be the toxic effects of technology; where people seem to have forgotten about each other and the reality we live in as they stay addicted to the screen, becoming obsessed with the worlds we’ve created online rather than being present with those around them.

My hope in writing this blog is that I’ll be able to touch on the importance of being human in the digital age, exploring the rich benefits of that self-awareness that can play out both professionally and personally. I’ll be sharing a variety of thoughts on creativity, inspiration and whatever else comes my way this semester. I hope you’ll join me in my journey to discover the balance of being human while successfully leveraging the technology available to us that makes our world a wonderful, vibrant and connected place.

It’s great to be back.

Cheers, Sarah


A highlight of my summer with Bank of America was working with Adrienne and Ashley, both UNC students. We had a wonderful trip to Boston to meet the rest of our intern class. 


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