Baby It’s Cold Outside

I finally slept in today which was glorious! We checked the weather last night and it called for rain all day so we just figured we would walk around the town a little bit and take a “rest day” and do some planning. Sweet Gracie had to come wake me up eventually or I would of probably slept all day. It was pouring rain so we grabbed our hats and rain jackets and walked up to the little grocery store down the street. Everything here is ridiculously expensive, so in an attempt to save money we bought food for the next couple days. There was SO much chocolate, I was in heaven and hard the worst time picking only one bar out. (It also doesn’t help that I don’t understand German or French, but it’s chocolate and you really can’t go wrong) 


We spent the afternoon planning our next couple days and booking hostels. We had originally planned to have a picnic but the second best option was on the rickety table in our room. Lunch was delicious! Naturally we bought the largest loaf of bread at the store, a jar of Nutella and Swiss cheese. When in Switzerland right?! 


All of a sudden we both realized that the rain had turned to snow…we couldn’t believe it and ran outside to take pictures.


A couple of hours later everything was completely white and it was freezing outside. Unfortunately the challenges of packing a small bag for three weeks didn’t allow us to bring ski jackets or snow pants…aka the farthest we could venture outside without catching hypothermia was on our balcony. And it’s May!!! Clearly we are warm weather girls.


Even though we got stuck in a snow storm, our hostel is super comfortable and we had a great afternoon and night of chatting, laughing and finally taking some time to relax. The view after the clouds cleared was incredible. 

(this is the view from our balcony!) 

But no need to fear, the high for tomorrow is 64 so we’ll be just fine! This whole trip Grace and I have been praying for trust to follow the Lord and the doors He opens and closes. Today was a perfect example, despite all of our plans getting cancelled we got to sit back and enjoy creation and simply be stunned by it. Watching snow fall for hours in the Alps was the last thing I expected but it was perfect. 


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