The Final Countdown


In less than 12 hours I will be boarding a plane to Marrakesh, Morocco with some of my best friends, Carly and Grace.

A couple of days ago I walked out of my last final at UNC, packed up my stuff and checked out of my dorm, said bye to my awesome older sister who is moving to California after graduation and then drove home to Asheville.

Needless to say it has been a whirlwind wrapping up the semester and saying so many goodbyes, but I am SO excited about this summer. The trip Grace and I have planned is the one I have always dreamed about taking in my 20’s. Thanks to my incredible parents and lots of hours of planning (props to Grace for doing the majority of that) this trip has turned into a reality! After we spend a couple of days in Africa, Carly is headed to Seville to study abroad, and Grace and I will be headed to off on our adventure to backpack Europe.

We will fly into Milan and then hop on trains across Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech, Germany, and then back to Italy. For the month of June I will be studying abroad in Florence, Italy (one of my favorite places in Europe) at Lorenzo de Medici.

My goal is to keep this blog updated almost every day with tons of pictures and a run down of our daily adventures whether it is riding a camel or getting lost in Berlin.

I still can’t believe I have the opportunity to take this trip and study abroad, and my hope is to not take anything I experience for granted and to enjoy every part of it, no matter how fun or how difficult it is.

Morocco here I come!


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